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общество ирас

"для России, искусства и мира"
"Serving Russia & Peace"


PMOH - PYCHAC - RUSNAS.ORG - IRAS European Bureau - Berlin


Добро пожаловать
Herzlich Willkommen - Welcome to Berlin


A special warm welcome to our friends from the Union State Russia-Belarus,CIS, FSU (former Soviet Union)
Europe, Bulgaria, Serbia, Asia, India, China ,USA, Latin America & Overseas


Pоссийская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия - Москва - Санкт-Петербург - Берлин - Иерусалим
RHIO - Russian Intl Heritage Org * Moscow - Saint Petersburg - Berlin - Jerusalem
Europa Bureau - Berlin - Verbindungsstelle fuer Russische Institutionen in Europa

Soviet Army War Memorial Tiergarten Berlin

A Memorial Service was held on 27 June 2012,
marking the 71st anniversary of Nazi Invasion.

The Great Patriotic War - 22 June 1941 - 8 May 1945
"Remembering the Past - Focusing on the Future"


8th GA - June 27-28, 2012

    Berlin, Germany

Next year in Jerusalem :

9th GA    - June 24-25, 2013
Jerusalem Holy Land Center

Official Statement - Berlin,30 June 2012

The 8th PMOH-GA had fruitful meetings concerning its activties in 2011 and 2012 to-date.
Delegates from Russia-CIS/FSU - Europe - Asia - SWP and the Americas either through personal presence or via video conference discussed the past,present and future cooperation and defined its goals.

The 8th GA confirmed the PMOH leadership in office, and expressed their appreciation for the achievements and accomplishments since the last GA in Saint Petersburg in June 2011.

The organizational structure will be modified and streamlined with needs and requirements for best possible utilization and effectiveness.

The Russian Institutions and Organizations on national and international levels will receive and deserve our best possible support and attention.

The GA noted with pride and satisfaction the emergence of new cultural and friendship organizations, public diplomacy councils and societies who work tirelessly to ensure fair treatment of Russian-CIS/FSU compatriots everywhere and a fair and positive attitude towards Russia-CIS/FSU and its various frameworks and alliances.

Special emphasis is placed on liaison - coordination - cooperation - public relations - joined ventures and partnerships with both secular and religious institutions, especially with regards to the ROC and ROCOR and the IOPS in the Holy Land.

The PMOH - JHLC - Jerusalem Holy Land Center will play a vital role in this regard.
It was agreed that next years GA will be hosted by the JHLC in Jerusalem - June 24-25,2013

PMOH-RUSNAS.ORG - Moscow - Saint Petersburg - Berlin - Jerusalem

תרשים ארגוני


Советское Историческое Общество
Отдел ветеранов войны - MOCKBA

Soviet Union Historical Society - Moscow - Russian Federation

Moskau - Berlin - Jerusalem, 3. Dezember 2010 - Pressemitteilung:


GS Gelber Stern Org und PMOH - PYCHAC-RUSNAS.ORG - Obshestvo IRAS
beschliessen noch engere Zusammenarbeit

Beide Organisationen werden zukuenftig noch enger zusammenarbeiten. Dies gilt fuer die Bereiche Geschichtsaufklaerung, Historische Gesellschaften der PMOH-PYCHAC-RUSNAS.ORG, Kunst und Kultur, Volunteure. Beide Gesellschaften sind in Moskau - Berlin und Jerusalem vertreten.

Botschaft der Russischen Föderation in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union

Headoffice: Rossotrudnichestvo - Moscow
Russian Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, compatriots living abroad and on international humanitarian cooperation
18/9 Vozdvizhenka, 125009 Moscow - Russian Federation, Phone:+7 (495) 690-12-45

MSRS (ICRC) - International Council for Russian Compatriots - Moscow
Novy Arbat 15, 2219 - Moscow, Russian Federation , 119019
Phone / Fax: +7 (495) 695-30-21, 695-31-70 - Phone: +7 (495) 690-51-00 - email:

And we will preserve you, Russian speech, The great Russian word.We will keep you free and pure,And pass you on to our grandchildren,Free from bondage forever! - Anna Akhmatova

CCP - Cultural Contact Point - Germany - EU Kulturfoerderung

DRA Deutsch Russischer Austausch Berlin - St. Petersburg

ECF - European Cultural Foundation - Amsterdam - Netherlands

Russische Organisationen in Deutschland - RUS-ORG.DE

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